About Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention is a guide for anyone considering an alcohol intervention or a drug intervention. If you know someone who has an alcohol or drug addiction but is unwilling to seek help, sometimes a professional intervention is the best step to take to push them past their denial and encourage them to get the help they need.

Professional interventionists are specialists with a history of dealing with people with addiction who are resistant to help.

Most licensed or credentialed interventionists will offer a full spectrum of services that includes the pre-intervention work such as interviewing family members, the actual intervention, then the critical post-intervention work. Manny interventionists also do case management, helping the family develop a comprehensive strategy for treating the identified patient.

Intervention is but one step in the process of recovery.  It is, for many addicts, the wake-up call that shows them the family will no longer support the addiction but will instead only support treatment and recovery.  The intervention is important because it is facilitated by a neutral third party who cannot be manipulated or coerced by the identified patient.

In choosing an interventionist, it’s important to look for appropriate credentials and experience. An intervention can be a highly effective way to get a person with alcohol or drug addiction to go into treatment, so choose wisely when you decide to move forward.