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Women with addiction issues are often better at hiding their symptoms because of social pressures. A mother who stays home with her children may hide daytime drinking to protect her marriage. Heavy drinking among men is often more socially acceptable, so women tend to be more secretive about their drinking, particularly if they have families or careers to protect. Addiction makes women more vulnerable to sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Should I Talk to My Friend About Her Drinking?

Should I Talk to My Friend About Her Drinking? I have an old friend—we’ve been close for going on 10 years—and this coming winter, I’ll be the maid of honor in her wedding. When she has a conflict with her finance or worries over her tween daughter, I’m the one she calls, day or night. Likewise, when I’m hurting or troubled, she’s my lifeline. I deeply value our friendship, and would never wish to jeopardize it, but lately, I’ve had to make a call that just might push us apart, though one I think is for the best. My friend has a problem with alcohol, one that’s been growing for as long as I’ve known her, but has been getting worse over the last couple of years, especially recently with wedding stress.  Full Story

Alcoholism is Twice as Deadly for Women vs. Men

According to a new German study, the disease of alcoholism may be two times as fatal for women as it is for men. The recent news post shows that female alcoholics were twice as likely to die from the disease as men were in the German population. Full Story

Kaiser Permanente’s Early Start Program Could Serve as Intervention for Substance Abuse

Kaiser Permanente has recently published the results of their online study helping at-risk pregnant women with obstetric care. The program could save almost $2 billion yearly towards health care costs in the United States if implemented. According to Medical News Today, the new Early Start program follows a 2008 study by Kaiser Permanente that showed how women could achieve safer health outcomes for themselves and their babies by not using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Full Story

The Consequences of Mixing Alcohol and Parenting

In the media today, it’s common for the stressed mother to be depicted as the drinking mother, one who is not stable without a drink in her hand. The trend was the topic of discussion in this recent blog in the Washington Post as the writer recounted a recent mom’s group event. Full Story

Baby Boomers and Women Drinking More Alcohol

Baby boomers and women of all ages are drinking more alcohol, according to a major study from Columbia University. Full Story

Gender Differences Affecting Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence is caused by a number of factors, including genetics, environment and personal experience. Scientists know that men and women struggle with alcohol dependence at different rates, but understanding the cause of the difference has been difficult – that is, until the results of a recent study provided new clues about the way men and women differ in genetic responses to alcohol. Full Story

Children of Older Alcoholic Mothers Are More Susceptible to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders

Even though alcohol consumption during pregnancy has the potential to cause lifelong disabilities and developmental problems in children, 10% of women in the U.S. still drink while pregnant. For scientists, it has been difficult to predict which characteristics in mothers are more likely to lead to the presence or severity of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in their children if they choose to drink during their pregnancies, other than their pattern of alcohol consumption. Now, a new study by researchers at Detroit’s Wayne State University and their affiliates has revealed one specific characteristic—maternal age—compounds the propensity of FASD in children born to alcoholic mothers. Older women who engage in alcohol use during pregnancy have a greater risk of FASD births than their younger counterparts.

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“Cocktail Moms”: Alcoholism Among Women Rising

Almost 2.5 million women are alcoholics, and many of them are busy juggling families and careers. ABC 7’s Health Specialist Denise Dador takes a look at how these "cocktail moms" go from happy hour to addiction.

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How Friends Influence Friends to Drink, or Not Drink

The social networks of women are vastly different than those of men. Women tend to benefit from frequent connections with friends and derive support from those networks. Researchers are working to understand how those networks affect other choices and behaviors.

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