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Young adults are very susceptible to addiction as substance abuse for a number of reasons, including peer pressure. But exposure to alcohol and drugs can be very dangerous to young adults, as their brains have not yet fully developed.

Should Doctors Do More to Educate Their Patients About Alcohol Risks?

When you visit your doctor there are a few standard questions you’ll be asked: How are you feeling? What’s going on in your life? Do you have any health concerns? Now the government agency that keeps tabs on our nation’s health is asking doctors to spend more time discussing alcohol use with patients.

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Drug And Alcohol Intervention For College Students

By the time our sons and daughters have gone off to college, we may think that they’ve entered an exciting new chapter of their lives. While it is true that the college years can be full of discovery, meeting new people, learning new things, and broadening perspective on life and living, college also brings with it many temptations and opportunities to go overboard with alcohol and drugs. Full Story

Drug Free Communities Program Hopes to Bring Awareness to Community Leaders

Director Gil Kerlikowske with the National Drug Control Policy office recently announced a new program to offer support to 87 communities through 20 new Drug Free Community (DFC) grants throughout the country. The $12.3 million program is in addition to the already existing $76 million in grants from the DFC Mentoring Continuation Coalition, which provides needed support to stop substance abuse among youth. Full Story

Working Long Hours Puts Young People at Risk for Alcohol-Related Problems

Young people who work more than 50 hours a week have more than double the risk for alcohol-related problems than the unemployed, according to a new study from New Zealand.

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Young Women Find Success Following Twelve Step Program

A recent study completed using data from the Hazelden Center showed positive results for young women who followed a Twelve Step program for substance abuse that offers mutual support, including meetings for those in the early stages of drug and alcohol treatment. Frequent attendance at these meetings promoted abstinence from drinking and drug abuse over a six month period after treatment. Full Story

The College Life and Alcoholism

For many young people, college is their first foray into freedom. Many go away to school and find they are unable to handle the independence and responsibility that comes with being out from under their parents’ supervision. In most cases, students have their fun during college, but by the time they graduate they have matured in the practices.

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Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions in Emergency Treatment of Alcohol-Involved Youth

The cost of treating alcohol-related injuries in emergency departments adds up, especially when taking into account the counseling and intervention required in some cases. When youth enter the emergency department with a drinking-related problem, medical personnel are especially compelled to counsel them to make more healthy decisions.

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MTV to Document Substance Abuse in New Reality Show

MTV will soon be added to the list of network channels that feature a show about drug and alcohol addiction. “Gone Too Far,” a one-hour series developed and hosted by Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, will document people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are struggling with substance abuse.

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UK Ad Campaign to Discourage Excessive Drinking

Britain’s alcohol industry is launching a 100-million-pound government-endorsed campaign to discourage excessive drinking among young adults. The Campaign for Smarter Drinking, supported by 45 companies, is one of the largest of its kind and aims to advertise throughout England.

The campaign will emphasize “practical tips” for safe drinking, using the slogan “Why let good times go bad?” The campaign is intended to run for five years and will offer practical trips about eating and drinking while out and thinking about how to get home safely. The ads will appear outside, in bars, and at cashier desks, and the slogans will appear on millions of alcohol bottles and cans.

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