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Celebrity addiction refers to those in the entertainment industry who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping, plastic surgery, or other compulsive behaviors.

To Endure Burning: The Cult of Celebrity and the Pressures of Recovery in the Public Eye

 “What is to give light must endure burning.” – Victor Frankl

A celebrity heiress is charged with driving while intoxicated and spends time under house arrest. When caught violating the terms of her probation, she is not arrested, but is sent to treatment in the California hills. She isn’t seen for three months. A Fortune 500 CEO pleads no contest to similar charges which are summarily dropped. He takes a 90-day leave of absence from his firm and catches a private flight to Malibu. Shareholders go into cloak-and-dagger mode and begin to watch the market without blinking. A two-time Oscar-nominated actor is walked off the set of his latest top-ranked network series. The director sweeps the contents of his desk onto the trailer floor in one angry stroke. He paces a while, then gathers himself. He calls a three-month break in filming, and sends his lead actor to rehab. Full Story

Exploring the Concept of Sex Addiction

Tiger Woods continues to be reproached for his moral infidelities on the global stage, although he is still holding fast to his 12-step rehabilitation efforts after having completed a 45-day treatment program. Now that Woods has made the most private aspects of his life public, admitted to his wrongdoings, apologized to those he harmed, and promised to better himself, he appears to have accepted the first steps of overcoming addiction.

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Musician Pete Doherty Arrested for Drug Possession Again

Just a few minutes after British musician Pete Doherty escaped having to do time for drunk driving, drug possession, and careless driving, he was arrested outside a court in Gloucester, England on Monday Dec. 21 on suspicion of drug possession.

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George Michael Opens Up About Drug Use

Simon Hattenstone of the Guardian says that compared to four years ago, British pop singer George Michael looks better, bigger, and stronger. “I was probably more stoned in those days,” the singer told Hattenstone during a recent interview. “I was existing on a balance of Starbucks and weed.” In the bad old days, Michael estimates he was smoking around 25 joints a day, and was worried he’d permanently damage his voice.

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Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Walks Out of Attempted Intervention

In the newest twist to the highly publicized debate over actress Lindsay Lohan’s alleged addiction to prescription drugs, Lohan reportedly bolted from a planned intervention by concerned friends.

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Country Singer Melonie Cannon Opens Up About Prescription Drug Addiction

Nashville-based bluegrass musician Melonie Cannon has opened up about her recent battle with prescription drug abuse, which reached its lowest point around the same time as the release of October 2008 album, “And the Wheels Turn.” The album’s first single, “I Call it Gone,” was already a huge success, and the album also contained a hit duet with country legend Willie Nelson. But despite her success, Cannon was in a dark place.

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Jodie Sweetin Admits Lying About Sobriety in Past

In April 2007, former “Full House” child actress Jodie Sweetin spoke to students at Marquette University about how she overcame drug addiction, trying to inspire them to stay clean and sober themselves. But what the audience didn’t know what that Sweetin had used cocaine moments before going onstage and would use her speaking fee to fund her drug habit.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Wants Dad to Stop “Blabbing” About Alleged Addiction

In a new chapter to the battle over Lindsay Lohan’s alleged addiction to prescription drugs, mom Dina Lohan told People magazine that she wants her ex-husband to stop “blabbing” about their daughter and worry about his own problems.

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Family Wants to Stage Intervention to Help Addicted Lindsay Lohan

Days after Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael spoke out about her addiction to prescription drugs, the media learned that the entire Lohan family wants to stage an intervention for the troubled star.

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DJ AM’s Addiction Intervention Show Premieres on MTV

DJ AM’s reality television show, “Gone Too Far,” premiered on MTV on Monday. Although he lost his own battle with drugs a few months ago, AM (born Adam Golstein) set out to help others overcome their addictions with the show, and he succeeded with Amy, who is featured in the series premiere.

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