Musician Pete Doherty Arrested for Drug Possession Again

Just a few minutes after British musician Pete Doherty escaped having to do time for drunk driving, drug possession, and careless driving, he was arrested outside a court in Gloucester, England on Monday Dec. 21 on suspicion of drug possession.

Kate Harper of Chart Attack writes that Doherty was detained when leaving court because "a suspected packet of drugs" fell out of his pocket when he checked in with security at the court, according to The Sun.

"He was being frisked by a security officer and when he emptied his pockets a clingfilm wrap fell out," a source told the tabloid. "The security man picked it up and saw it contained what looked like little blue crystals.The security man phoned the police and about six officers came and waited to arrest Doherty when his case was over."

BBC News reports that Doherty was taken to the nearby police station and booked for suspected possession of drugs.

In June, Doherty was pulled over by police for suspicion of drunk driving, and his blood-alcohol content was over the legal limit. Police also discovered heroin and a home-made crack pipe in the front seat, according to BBC News. More heroin was found when Doherty’s home was later searched.

Doherty had already been arrested that same week after he was found slumped over in an airplane lavatory with a used hypodermic needle near him during a flight from London, England to Geneva, Switzerland. He was arrested when the flight landed in Geneva and tested positive for heroin use, but was released after paying a fine.

On Monday, Doherty was fined £2,050 and banned from driving for 18 months after he admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol, careless driving, two counts of heroin possession, driving without insurance, and driving without a license.

This isn’t the first time the rocker has been arrested for drug possession after appearing in court. In 2006, he was arrested for suspicion of possessing class-A narcotics three hours after he was sentenced to two years supervision and 18 months drug rehabilitation after pleading guilty to seven drug possession charges stemming from separate incidents in December 2005 and January 2006.

He was also arrested in Germany earlier this month for throwing a pint glass at a car and breaking its back window.