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Does Drug Testing Affect How Teens Look at Drug Abuse?

After several years of decline in the rates of teen drug and alcohol use, there appears to be a slight increase in abuse by teens. Finding the most effective and cost-friendly way to prevent drug and alcohol use is an ongoing concern, and one that takes on heightened importance as the substances kids are using become ever more potent and dangerous.
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Effective Drug Abuse Prevention Focuses on Personality

Early initiation of illegal substances such as alcohol and drugs can amplify many of their risks. Experts believe that some of the effects of drugs and alcohol may be more potent in teens because the brain is still developing, causing changes in cognitive structure and function.

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Having a Half-Sibling May Increase Likelihood of Teen Drug Use

A study by researchers at Bowling Green State University and Iowa State University shows that half-siblings with a different father are significantly more likely to try drugs and sex before the age of 15 when compared with other teens that have only full siblings.
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Girls Abusing Substances at Rates Sometimes Higher than Boys

Research has shown boys have traditionally engaged in more drug and alcohol abuse than girls. But that’s starting to change. Today more girls are abusing prescription drugs than boys and more girls are drinking than ever before, and it can be a struggle knowing if a teen girl has a substance abuse problem.

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Teens Advised to Stop Taking Stimulants as “Study Drugs”

The pressure that teens face as they maneuver through high school and into applying for college often results in sleep issues, anxiety and other problems. In order to fit in adequate time for extracurricular activities, which can boost a student’s chances of college acceptance, students often struggle to devote enough time to academics.
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Parents Play Crucial Role in Teen Substance Abuse

Two research studies can give parents something to celebrate. For parents who lament that their children are more easily influenced by friends rather than them, these findings reveal that parents are the greater influence when children choose to use or avoid alcohol or drugs. But influence by parents and other family members can also be detrimental when children see their parents or siblings abuse substances. Full Story

Addiction Begins in Adolescence

Parents generally worry during their child’s teen years about the pressures their child may be facing. Risky behaviors such as drug use and alcohol consumption are often introduced during adolescence and parents worry about the decisions their child will make regarding these substances. Full Story

Substance Abuse Among Teens Continues to Rise

The number of young adults dabbling in marijuana, prescription drugs and alcohol is on the rise. Before they graduate high school, more than half a million American teens will try illegal drugs at least once. A recent news article highlights the many reasons behind drug use and alcohol abuse among teens today. Full Story

Marijuana the Teen Drug of Choice Overtaking Alcohol

Savvy parents have known for some time that their teen offspring need direction and guidance so they won’t fall prey to peer pressure to drink and do drugs. Some parents do it right and still their teenage son or daughter may wind up experimenting with either alcohol or drugs. Full Story

Teen Intervention for Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Let’s face it: It’s tough being the parents of a teenager. Your mind races with thoughts of all the dangerous situations your child can become involved in, not the least of which is experimentation with alcohol and drugs. But when the symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse start mounting up, it’s time to take action in the form of a teen intervention. Full Story