Do Brief Interventions Help Drinkers With Alcohol-Related Injuries?

Problematic alcohol use is firmly linked to increased risks for getting injured in an accident or receiving an intentional injury. Doctors and other health prof Full Story

Parents’ Alcohol Abuse, Divorce Increases Suicide Risk in Offspring

It is widely known that people with a history of drug or alcohol abuse have increased chances of attempting suicide. However, researchers and public health offi Full Story

Young Adults’ Self-Control Over Alcohol Boosted by Intervention

In the U.S. and many other countries, early adulthood is known as a time of high alcohol consumption and involvement in risky, potentially life-threatening alco Full Story

Overcoming Codependency: Practicing Powerlessness 

Addicts and alcoholics are taught that they are powerless over their drug of choice and any substitutes. Until they admit and accept that powerlessness, there i Full Story

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Modern Approaches to Addiction Intervention and Rehabilitation

Modern behaviors towards addiction and rehabilitation have considerably changed during the last decade thanks to the multitude of images depicting substance abuse and behavioral disorders that are infiltrating this technological generation. The Internet, celebrity blogging, social networking, podcasts, video streaming, Full Story

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Is There Such Thing as a Failed Intervention?

An Interview with Interventionist Earl Hightower, BRI-II, CCDC.  Earl Hightower has performed over 2,000 interventions and has been doing interventions for over 20 years. Visit his intervention site for more information Full Story

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What Happens in an Intervention?

For many families, an intervention is a last resort. If you have a loved one that is an alcoholic or drug addict and either can’t – or won’t – seek help on their own, an intervention is probably the only hope you have. The fact that you’re even considering an intervention shows just how desperate [&hellip Full Story

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When Do You Know You Have Hit Bottom?

You’ve lived with your behavior (drinking and/or doing drugs) for so long, made excuses to justify continuing along the same path, and generally convinced yourself and others that you can do what you want, it’s your life. So when do you know you’ve hit bottom Full Story