Alcohol Intervention

An alcohol intervention is an intervention usually planned by the family, but sometimes by an employer or friend, that is facilitiated by a professional interventionist.

The most common reasons for an alcohol intervention are:

Many times an alcohol intervention is done because the alcoholic is unwilling to admit he or she has a problem. The intervention is no guarantee the alcoholic will admit this, but by having a professional address the behavior in a controlled environment, it is often the first time the alcoholic sees through the haze of their denial. The high-functioning alcoholic is the most resistant to the idea that they have a problem with alcohol that requires treatment. A professional alcohol intervention is usually the best way to get the desired outcome with them.

It is strongly advised that you choose an alcohol interventionist with many years of experience and who is a board-registered Interventionist.

It’s important to recognize that alcohol is a drug.  Addiction has become more complex in the past few decades because people often abuse not only alcohol, but opiates or anti-anxiety medications.  This makes the alcohol problem even more urgent, because the combination of these depressant drugs with alcohol can be a deadly cocktail.

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