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The War on Drugs is War on Women and Families

Men comprise the majority of drug abusers in the United States as well as the majority of federal prisoners. However, recent drug use and incarceration trends indicate that this may not always be the case. Women are the fastest-growing subset of the federal prison population in the United States. In addition, girls under the age of 15 are now more likely to use illegal drugs than boys of the same age. Full Story

Alcohol, SSRIs During Pregnancy Damage Babies

Children exposed to tobacco, cocaine, and/or marijuana during their mothers’ pregnancies perform just as well on academic tests as other children their age, according to a new study from Boston University School of Medicine. However, those exposed prenatally to alcohol score lower in tests of math, reasoning and spelling, even if they do not have fetal alcohol syndrome.

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Babies Born to Women Using Ecstasy Have More Developmental Delays

Multiple studies over the years have revealed the harm that drugs can inflict on unborn children. Recently, researchers have studied the babies of mothers who had taken the drug, Ecstasy (also known as 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA), before and during their pregnancy. Results of the first study ever conducted on this topic were published in the February 28 issue of Neurotoxicology and Tertology. Full Story

Younger Women at Risk for Alcohol Use Disorders

According to a recent study looking at different birth groups and differences in gender relating to alcohol consumption, women are now narrowing the gap between men with alcohol-related problems. Many experts in this area say that people who were born after WWII are more apt to partake in binge drinking and develop an alcohol use disorder, or AUD, according to an article in Medical News Today. Full Story

New Study Shows Women Are at Risk for Problem Drinking

According to a new study brought up in Web MD, women are now catching up to men when it comes to drinking alcohol in terms of both consumption and frequency. Those born after WWII are more likely to binge drink or develop an alcohol-related disorder. Full Story

Young Women Find Success Following Twelve Step Program

A recent study completed using data from the Hazelden Center showed positive results for young women who followed a Twelve Step program for substance abuse that offers mutual support, including meetings for those in the early stages of drug and alcohol treatment. Frequent attendance at these meetings promoted abstinence from drinking and drug abuse over a six month period after treatment. Full Story

More Women Driving Drunk – Numbers up 30 Percent

A surprising report authored by the FBI for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that during a ten-year span ending in 2007, the number of women arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) rose nearly 30 percent. The findings were unsuspected even to Ray LaHood, U.S. Transportation Department secretary, who commented on the report at a news conference. Approximately 2,000 fatalities each year are attributed to women driving under the influence of alcohol.

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