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Those who have been through trauma (such as rape, near-death experiences, and abuse) are very susceptible to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, and thus are at a high risk for developing a chemical dependency, which will ultimately make matters even worse. Those who have suffered trauma should seek professional help as soon as possible.

Factors That Contribute to Repeated Suicide Attempts in Teens

Preventing teen suicide is a murky science. Though there are many mental disorders associated with suicidal ideation, often a suicide attempt is the first indication that a mental disorder is in play.

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Sleep Deprivation May Reduce Risk of PTSD

Sleep deprivation is a general term used to describe a lack of adequate restful sleep. When it occurs consistently or repeatedly, this lack of sleep can have a number of harmful health consequences, including mental confusion, the onset of hallucinations and disruptions in normal memory function. While sleep-related memory loss has detrimental effects in most circumstances, it may prove to be beneficial as a preventive treatment for the anxiety disorder called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to the results of a study published in 2012 in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. Full Story

Brain Injuries Could Be a Precursor Into What Happens to a Person Later in Life

Researchers have identified a connection between individuals with a brain injury and addiction. Information presented at a conference in Canada indicates that if a person has a brain injury then they are more likely to be a substance abuser or incarcerated at some point in their life. Full Story

A Decorated War Veteran is Using His Personal Struggles With Alcoholism to Help New Veterans

It isn’t uncommon to see a correlation between veterans and alcoholism. As more soldiers return home from war, the number of those impacted by excessive drinking, and even substance abuse, are increasing. Retired Brigadier General Stanley Cherrie is using his experience with alcohol as a way to help other soldiers. He recently shared his personal story in a Fox News article. Full Story

Maltreatment during Childhood Increases Risk of Mental Problems, Substance Abuse in Adulthood

Dealing with memories of childhood abuse or neglect is generally considered the root of many individuals’ mental conditions or mood problems during adulthood. Yet a new study shows that not just memories of childhood maltreatment, but the maltreatment itself can influence the likelihood of behavioral disorders in later life.

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How Trauma Can Lead to Addiction

In her Huffington Post blog “The Road to Addiction,” Carole Bennett discusses how trauma can be a trigger for addiction. “Trauma is an incident or occurrence that happens inexplicably or without warning,” she writes. “It is categorized as an overwhelming life-changing experience (and) is typically a physical and/or emotional shock to the very fiber of one’s being.”

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