Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Walks Out of Attempted Intervention

In the newest twist to the highly publicized debate over actress Lindsay Lohan’s alleged addiction to prescription drugs, Lohan reportedly bolted from a planned intervention by concerned friends.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a longtime friend of Lohan’s says yet another attempt at convincing Lohan to return to rehab was derailed this past weekend.

“The only problem was, she saw David Trent [a close friend of her father, Michael Lohan] and immediately bolted,” said the source.

The attempted intervention took place during a party at the West Hollywood home of shipping heir Stavros Niarchos in the wee hours of Friday morning—Paris Hilton and her sister, Nicky, were also in attendance, but they were not involved in the attempted intervention, which took place in another part of the Niarchos house.

At nearly 7:00 am, several friends tried to get Lohan alone in a private area, but Lohan quickly departed after spotting her father’s friend, according to the source.

Though Lohan spent nearly five hours partying at the Niarchos house, “She kept moving from room to room…She was clearly hyped-up on more than just booze. It was impossible to corner her, until a few people tried to—in a bathroom when it was nearly dawn,” added the source, who seemed deeply concerned about Lohan.

Reportedly, Lohan’s former girlfriend Samantha Ronson has tried to talk the actress into getting help with her addiction, as did Lohan’s friend Courtney Semel, who recently left rehab and attempted to talk to Lohan about getting help at a Hollywood party earlier in the week.