New Programs from Wales Found to Reduce Problem Drinking

A study from Bangor University in North Wales suggests that two programs can help problem drinkers reduce their alcohol consumption. After following the Alcohol Attention-Control Training Program (AACTP) or the Life Enhancement and Advancement Program (LEAP), drinkers had positive results.

Both programs address the challenges problem drinkers face, including environmental drinking cues and problems with motivation for replacing drinking with healthy activities such as a hobby or exercise.

The study’s lead author, Professor Miles Cox, said the results were very encouraging and show that people can curb their drinking habits with these two simple programs.

Both programs were found to significantly decrease weekly alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems; increase participants’ confidence in avoiding drinking in risky environments; and increase drinkers’ motivation to curb their drinking habits.

The study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) could change the way physicians treat people with alcohol problems.

Source: Bangor University, A LEAP Forward in Addiction Awareness and Control, July 30, 2010