Drug Intervention

A drug intervention is a professionally arranged process that helps a person with strong denial about their addiction when the family has become frustrated or is unsure what treatment to seek for the addicted person.

Top drug intervention specialists are Board Registered and many also have another degree or specialization, such as being a certified chemical dependency counselor.

The drug intervention allows the family to create a controlled environment in which the addict learns how their addiction has impacted loved ones and then learns about options for treatment.  It’s important for family members to be ready and willing to listen to the drug interventionist and take his or her advice. If family members are not fully committed to the process, the addict will often find a way to manipulate the situation and still avoid treatment.

Drug addiction hurts not only the addict. The family is often demoralized, frustrated, and tired of making excuses, fixing problems created by the addiction, and falling for the promises of abstinence from drugs.

Many families also hire a drug intervention specialist to help them choose the right treatment program. Interventionists are well versed in the various types of treatment available and they often spend time at the facilities, talking to the clinical staff, and making sure the treatment meets the highest standards.