You Are More Likely to Abuse Drugs Based on Your Personality

Scientists believe they can predict who and what drugs a person is likely to use and it all has to do with your personality type. That explains why writers drink and musicians shoot heroin, right? According to a recent article, that’s not necessarily the case.

Some researchers believe the personality and drug of choice combination is too simplistic. They believe that it has more to do with heredity and lifestyle patterns over several years. If you have a parent who is a drug addict then your chances of being one too are heightened.

This could also be explained by the environmental factor. Those who are around you and what is available could be part of the bigger picture when it comes to if you choose to abuse drugs and what drug that may be.

It seems common sense to think that if a child grows up in a home that is filled with drugs, then it would be easy for them to obtain that substance when they reach the adolescence and young adult age. If it was not in their environment, then it would not be as easy to obtain.

When researchers try to make the tie between personality types and the drugs they choose, it seems they may be leaving a few things out of the equation.

Famous musicians may choose heroin or cocaine because it is what is around them and they are more expensive drugs. Your average person who does meth may do so because that is what is in their environment and is somewhat affordable.

There are so many pieces to consider when predicting if someone will use drugs or not. Consider the home life, the environment around them and then determine the likelihood from that.