Negative Thoughts Can Inhibit Addiction Recovery

At some point in time we have all doubted ourselves. Whether it’s that we think we’re impatient, not smart enough or not pretty enough, it’s all negative self beliefs and negative self talk.

Sometimes the logic behind these negative self descriptions can be so deep within the subconscious that the individual begins to believe them. The end result is shame and that can take therapy to overcome, according to a recent article.

When it comes to individuals recovering from addiction, negative self beliefs and negative self talk is even more destructive. Often times, those negative thought patterns are the after math of previous experiences. A child who is constantly picked on in the third grade or constant verbal attacks by an unstable parent can do the trik and cause lasting effects.

The pattern of thought isn’t something the child grows out of. It is something they carry with them into adulthood. On the other hand, self-assured thoughts can turn against an individual when it doesn’t go the way they plan. When it comes to addiction treatment, many patients believe they can’t handle things on their own and often times struggle to seek out the treatment they so desperately need. It’s a constant internal battle.

In order to truly break the cycle of negative self talk and negative self belief, it is best for the person to really comprehend where the thoughts come from. Keeping a daily journal of those thoughts can help. By targeting the self talk, followed by the self belief and the triggering incidents, one might find the ability to rationalize a more normal thought process.