Experts Say Self-Control and Self-Awareness Critical to Addicts’ Recovery

For recovering addicts, celebrating at parties or having pills in your possession may seem to be a sign of control to the addict. Experts say, most likely it is a mark of weakness that may lead to a dangerous or deadly outcome.

With all of the recent news coverage over singer Whitney Houston’s death, it brings to light again the dangers of addiction and the troubles recovering addicts face, especially celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight. Each day in America, an estimated 23.5 million people need help overcoming their substance abuse problem, according to CNN Health. Houston publicly admitted her own alcohol and drug problems and even spoke about her mom’s attempt at an intervention that led to many trips to rehab for the singer.

In 2009 on the Oprah Winfrey show, Houston even admitted that once she completed her 30 days in rehab and was released, her addiction continued. Sadly, her ongoing addiction may be the cause of her tragic death last week.

Addiction is not as simple as just deciding to say “no” to alcohol or drugs from now forward. Addicts must first believe that they do have a problem but that is just the first step and rarely is it the last. Experts say that relapses and repeat visits to rehab and treatment centers are extremely common for addicts before the message finally sinks in that they have serious problems.