Study Identifies Top Drunkest Cities in U.S.

Research in the field of alcohol consumption will often measure the number of drinkers in a particular area, the deaths related to alcohol consumption or some other environmental impact. Another study, as reported in this Medical News Today piece, focused on the drunkest cities in the U.S.

Published in The Daily Beast, this report captured the 40 most drunken cities in the U.S., with Milwaukee in the top slot. The average adult in Milwaukee reportedly consumes 12.76 alcohol drinks each month, 7 percent of its people aged 18 years or older are considered to be alcoholics, 21.9 percent are binge drinkers and 3.9 people per 100,000 in the city die from alcohol liver disease.

In the report, Milwaukee was followed by Fargo, San Francisco, Austin and Reno. And, while the majority of people do not suffer harm, many drinkers observed in this study indulge too much during New Year’s celebrations, as demonstrated in the skyrocketing rates of emergency room admissions over the holiday.

The authors of this latest report wanted to determine which U.S. cities forget about the rules of moderation in relation to alcohol too often. They also set out to determine at which point a regular drink every now and then turns into a long-term health issue.

To put together their list of the 40 drunkest cities in America, the authors set out to measure the average monthly alcohol consumption, highest binge drinking levels and locations of large percentages of people suffering from serious health complications as a result of excessive drinking.