Prescription Drug Abuse

A Plan For Monitoring Pain Medication

Many addictions to prescription painkillers begin as a legitimate need for relief. An injury may lead to chronic pain, requiring more treatment than what can be achieved through over-the-counter pain pills. Armed with a prescription, a patient begins to feel relief. Full Story

Stealing From Patients to Feed Their Addiction

Drug thefts are on the rise in medical facilities and the culprits are the professionals themselves. Full Story

Report Shows Opioid Abuse is on the Rise

There are reportedly more cases of chronic pain sufferers and prescription drug addicts than ever before. Is one inhibiting the other? Learning to treat both is a double-edge sword. An online news article talks about the details in a recent Espicom report that elaborate on how pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals and law enforcement agencies are combating the growing problem. Because therapy for chronic pain can have side effects and sometimes no results, more people are turning to prescription meds. Full Story

Abuse of Anti-Anxiety Meds Triples over Past 10 Years

More people are abusing benzodiazepines, which are pills that relieve anxiety, according to new research from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Although admissions for drug treatment rose by 11% between 1998 and 2008, it more than tripled for benzodiazepine abuse in the same period. Full Story

Increasing Number of Addictions to Prescription Painkillers Such as Oxycontin and Vicodin Cause Federal Agencies to Step In

Millions of Americans receive prescriptions for narcotic painkillers every day, and many could become addicted, overdose or even die from their use. Recent steps from federal agencies, the medical sector and states are aimed at curbing the epidemic of prescription painkiller addictions and their expensive and life-threatening consequences.

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Parents Play Critical Role in Monitoring Prescription Drugs

Some teens know where they can easily find cocaine or marijuana. They may have a friend who knows someone, or they may know other teens who can supply them at school. However, they may feel like contacting a drug dealer for a supply of drugs to get high is a big risk. They may get caught, and they may be afraid of developing an addiction.

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Prescription Drug Abuse Still a Growing Problem

If you think the prescription drug problem is not a growing issue, consider the habits of Sara Allen. In a recent IPS News piece, Allen revealed that she uses prescription medication to get high. She recommends codeine, noting that she usually gets them from someone with a prescription or one of her mother’s friends with a drawer full of codeine pills.

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Frequency of Doctor Shopping Within Prescription Monitoring Programs

New research found a two-fold increase in the likelihood of individuals receiving opioids from multiple providers (or “doctor shopping”) when they were being simultaneously prescribed an additional class of controlled substances, such as benzodiazepines or amphetamines. When there was more than one additional drug class involved, there was a 13-fold increase for individuals seeing multiple providers.

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Dr. Drew Introduces Rx Locker to Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

Due to the rising problem of teens and prescription drug abuse, Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of “Celebrity Rehab” and “Sex Rehab,” recently debuted the Rx Locker, a device designed to secure prescription medications within the home to restrict unauthorized access and prevent abuse.

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Country Singer Melonie Cannon Opens Up About Prescription Drug Addiction

Nashville-based bluegrass musician Melonie Cannon has opened up about her recent battle with prescription drug abuse, which reached its lowest point around the same time as the release of October 2008 album, “And the Wheels Turn.” The album’s first single, “I Call it Gone,” was already a huge success, and the album also contained a hit duet with country legend Willie Nelson. But despite her success, Cannon was in a dark place.

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