Studies Show That Giving B-12 Supplements During Detox Helps Recovering Alcoholics

There are numerous side affects to alcoholism, according to an article on the Live Strong website. A deficiency of important nutrients the body needs is just one of them. B-12 is one of the most common deficiencies and giving this vitamin during the detox phase can help prevent relapse as well as other health problems including withdrawal symptoms.

The use of a B-12 supplement during treatment was discussed in a recent health article. During detox, it is crucial to be under the care of a medical physician. Those who proceed to detox can hurt themselves even if they use dietary supplements or B-12.

Alcoholism takes a toll on the gastro intestines and prevents the body from absorbing B-12 and other B-vitamins properly. This B-12 deficiency and even anemia is directly caused by alcohol abuse. Alcoholics that are substituting food with alcohol may be doing damage in other areas, too. Not giving the body what it needs can lead to serious nerve damage and other diseases like peripheral neuropathy.

B-12 supplements and other B vitamins could have an impact on the mental state of the alcoholic as well. During detox, adding this benefit can greatly reduce a relapse and other mental health problems like hallucinations and depression. Detox is difficult enough, so patients need all the help they can get and B-12 can help with the withdrawal process.

Several studies in recent years show positive results from patients administered B-12 during their detox. In a 2007 Japanese medical study, alcoholics with both anemia and neurological symptoms vastly improved after B vitamin treatments. Another similar study using animals just last year proved B-12 therapy reduced liver disease in alcoholics. In rats, the B-12 supplements elevated specific homocysteine levels commonly related to liver disease.