Twitter Offers Platform for Pharmacy Crime Prevention

Pharmacy robberies are a growing problem within the United States as prescription drug addictions continue to skyrocket. Individuals who would normally never commit a crime are targeting pharmacies to acquire the drugs necessary to feed an addiction.

Now, according to a recent news release, blogging site Twitter is providing a way to fight pharmacy crimes. Purdue Phama L.P. has announced the launch of its new pharmacy crime prevention tool, known as

This new tool allows pharmacy staff, law enforcement officials and loss prevention personnel to follow updates regarding pharmacy robberies, burglaries and possible threats within their areas or throughout the country.

Tweets will be posted on the portal that will provide safety and security tips that will enable pharmacy staff to be equipped to better protect their customers and their businesses. Followers will also be able to receive notices for reward offers, funded through a partnership between Purdue and Crime Stoppers.

Through the RxPATROL Program, reports of pharmacy crime are tracked and analyzed throughout the United States. Important crime related information is posted on the program website ( and alerts and updates are issued via e-mail to users registered with the program.

This recent launch on Twitter is to enable pharmacies to receive valuable information when staff does not have access to the Internet during work hours. Twitter delivers updates and tips directly to cell phones. This not only ensures pharmacists gain the information they need on immediate dangers, they also have access to information that is not reported by main media sources.

Alerts will provide exact locations of crimes, descriptions of suspects and any other important information that could help lead to a capture, or prevent further robberies.