The Negative Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Families

Australia beckons travelers with its beautiful shoreline, interesting wildlife and incomparable geography. However, for many Australian children, the wonder of life there is being dulled by the negative effects of alcohol abuse. The online journal Addiction recently published findings which suggest that children in as many as 20 percent of Australian homes are suffering as a result of alcohol consumption.

According to an online Australian newspaper article, drinking has led to many children being harmed by those closest to them including family, family friends and even community and religious leaders. Children most often suffered verbal abuses, but were also exposed to domestic violence either as a spectator or as victims themselves.

Drinking during social events appeared to be the worst problem and young parents seem to be the worst offenders. Previous studies there have shown that alcohol was a contributing factor in nearly 20,000 instances of child abuse in the land down under. However, the abuse does not need to be such that law enforcement gets involved in order for it to be damaging to children. It isn’t really known how such behavior will impact a child’s life. The little that is known about children living in environments where alcohol is abused is not promising.

Many concerned about the high rates of drinking in homes and its implications for children have suggested that the government mandate raising the price of alcohol in the country. It has been demonstrated that higher prices for alcohol lowers consumption. One might compare the recent call to raise cigarette prices in this country with the same purpose in mind.

Australia is a beautiful country. Unfortunately, just like anyplace else on earth, when people abuse alcohol those closest to the abuser get hurt. And children are among those suffering the effects of alcohol abuse.