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Examining the Effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous

Substance abuse is extremely difficult to overcome. Many who enter treatment for alcohol abuse struggle against relapse. Cognitive behavioral therapy and the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous are both popular approaches to fighting the problem of relapse. Full Story

What Makes Alcoholics Anonymous Successful?

The fact that Alcoholics Anonymous offers strong potential for success in helping an individual recover from alcohol addiction is not news. Although most medical and addiction professionals recognize its effectiveness, no one had investigated which elements of the 12-Step approach make it so, until recently. A new study investigates this question: Which aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous account for its high rate of success? Full Story

Young Women Find Success Following Twelve Step Program

A recent study completed using data from the Hazelden Center showed positive results for young women who followed a Twelve Step program for substance abuse that offers mutual support, including meetings for those in the early stages of drug and alcohol treatment. Frequent attendance at these meetings promoted abstinence from drinking and drug abuse over a six month period after treatment. Full Story