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Addiction treatment often begins with detox then can be in the form of hospitalization, outpatient treatment, residential treatment such as private drug rehab. The goal of addiction treatment is to comfortably detox the person from the drug or compulsive behavior, treat any underlying issues that might be contributing to the addiction, and give them a structure and set of tools to continue in recovery upon leaving addiction treatment.

The Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous

In October 1909, Dr. Alexander Lambert announced to a New York Times reporter that he had found a cure for alcoholism and drug addiction—a cure that would work in less than five days—consisting of belladonna (deadly nightshade) and the fluid extracts of xanthoxylum (prickly ash) and hyoscyamus (henbane). Howard Markel, M.D., writes for the New York Times today that Dr. Lambert was hardly a quack seeking a headline: he was widely known as Theodore Roosevelt’s personal physician, a professor of medicine at Cornell Medical College, and an expert on alcoholism.

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Increasing Neurogenesis Could Prevent Drug Addiction and Relapse

pResearchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center hope they have begun paving a new pathway in the fight against drug dependence. Their hypothesismdash;that increasing the normally occurring process of making nerve cells might prevent addictionmdash;is based on a rodent study demonstrating that blocking new growth of specific brain nerve cells increases vulnerability for cocaine addiction and relapse./p Full Story

Mental Health Professionals Want Gambling Addiction Listed in DSM-V

Gambling addiction may soon be listed as a "behavioral addiction" in the upcoming edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health (DSM), the reference guide mental health professionals use to describe and diagnose mental illnesses, addictions, and diseases. The American Psychiatric Association is proposing the changes.

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New Jersey Bill Would Allow Judges to Favor Treatment over Jail Time

New Jersey’s drug-free school-zone law, passed in 1987 to protect schoolchildren, could be amended to give judges more discretion in sentencing offenders under a bill that is now being considered.

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When Does Internet Activity Become a Problem?

When Internet users begin to compulsively seek the instant, unpredictable gratification that technology provides—a text message from a friend or stimulating news on a web site, for example—an addiction can form that is similar to drug and alcohol dependency.

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Treatment Center Helps Addicted Women Become Better Parents

At the Women’s Treatment Center, a residential rehab facility in Chicago, women are taught to overcome their addiction and become better mothers to their children.

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Patient Values Must be Considered When Recommending Treatment

When selecting the best healthcare choice, customers should be able to select an option most closely aligned with their values. The same is true when seeking treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as the patient is more likely to respond successfully to care consistent with their views on life.

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Forced into an Intervention – What Are Your Choices Now?

It all begins as a day just like any other. You get up, still a little hung over from the night before, but haven’t yet opened a beer, smoked a joint, popped a pill or shot up. Or, you come home from work all ready to get high in the quiet of your own place. Next thing you know, your family, a few friends, maybe even your boss are sitting in your living room along with some guy or gal you’ve never seen before. What the heck is everybody doing here, you wonder aloud? Somebody die? Full Story