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Addiction can be used strictly to describe a specific dependency on alcohol or drugs that involves increasing tolerance for the drug, increased dosage, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms when stopping using the drug. Addiction is also used to describe process addictions, compulsive behaviors that while not based on a specific substance, is often described as similar in its progression (such as gambling, sex, shopping, Internet addiction)

The Importance of Interventions

This week, Whitney Houston told Oprah Winfrey that her mother saved her life through an intervention, bringing to light the success rates of professionally conducted interventions, as well as the importance of treating addiction with the help of experts.

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Whitney Houston to Reveal Details of Drug Addiction on Oprah

 R&B singer Whitney Houston will finally open up about her drug addiction on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show, explaining that she was once so deep in the clutches of her addiction to crack cocaine that she spent seven months dressed only in her pajamas.

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Family Treatment for Substance Abuse

When your loved one enters treatment for substance abuse, the entire family should be a part of the treatment facility’s process for getting your family member drug-free and able to remain abstinent. Substance abuse affects the whole family, not just the individual who is addicted. An essential part of family treatment involves providing information and support. While each substance abuse treatment facility has different programs and protocols, here are some general components of family treatment. Full Story

How Important Is Family In Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

By Suzanne Kane

Let’s face it. Going through treatment for drug and alcohol dependence or addiction is a tough process. Not only is it hard on the individual seeking to get clean and sober, but it is also a difficult experience for family members. Addiction in any form affects the entire family. There’s no way any individual can get through treatment and on to recovery without a lot of support. That support comes from counselors, group meetings, friends you meet in treatment and recovery—and family.

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Gambling Addiction and the Brain

In Saint Louis, Missouri, a national conference on gambling addiction and substance abuse is underway. When it comes to gambling, Fox 2’s Charles Jaco reports that the focus is less on casinos and more on brain chemistry.

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How Trauma Can Lead to Addiction

In her Huffington Post blog “The Road to Addiction,” Carole Bennett discusses how trauma can be a trigger for addiction. “Trauma is an incident or occurrence that happens inexplicably or without warning,” she writes. “It is categorized as an overwhelming life-changing experience (and) is typically a physical and/or emotional shock to the very fiber of one’s being.”

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Marijuana Addiction: Not So Harmless

Joyce started smoking marijuana when she was 15. It started as a pleasant escape and then turned into an obsession, something she needed just to get through the day. She found herself hiding her addiction from her family, friends, and co-workers.

“I would come home from work, close my door, have my bong, my food, my music, and my dog, and I wouldn’t see another person until I went to work the next day,” Joyce told the New York Times. “What kind of life is that? I did that for 20 years.”

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