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College students are very susceptible to experimenting with drugs and alcohol, especially binge drinking, which can lead to risky behavior, injuries, dependence, and even death.

College Alcohol Consumption Reduced With Interventions

College Alcohol Consumption Reduced With InterventionsMost college students drink alcohol on a regular basis, and public health officials are well aware that college drinking leads to serious harms for hundreds of thousands of people each year. In a large-scale review published in 2014 in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, researchers from two U.S. institutions assessed the effectiveness of the various interventions used to curb alcohol consumption among college freshmen. These researchers concluded that no one type of alcohol intervention has a universal impact on all students; still, many specific types of intervention do successfully address key aspects of the problem, either on their own or in combination with other interventions.  Full Story

Study Finds College Students Addicted to Media

Describing their feelings during a 24-hour assignment in which they abstained from all media use, 200 Maryland college students used some of the same terms associated with drug addiction: in withdrawal; frantically craving; jittery; crazy.

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Drinking and Academic Performance

When an 18-year-old leaves for college the first semester many parents worry that their child will be overwhelmed by independence. They worry that drugs, sex and alcohol will be available at every turn for their student, and that their college experience will end quickly and disappointingly.

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