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More Americans Are Binge Drinking, Dying

You don’t have to be drunk every day to have an unhealthy drinking problem.  Many Americans are not alcoholics but a growing number are binging on alcohol.  Alcohol abuse occurs on a spectrum of misuse, and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a surprising number of Americans are overdoing it. Full Story

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Mortality Rates

When compared with the general population, a study in Italy revealed those who drink heavily have a higher likelihood of both cancer and general mortality rates. Heavy alcohol consumption is responsible for about five percent of all global illnesses. Full Story

Impulsivity and Alcohol a Dangerous Mix

The results of a long-term study reveal that people who struggle with impulse control may die sooner than those with more self-discipline. This is especially true for those who compound their risk with improper use of alcohol. Full Story