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Intervention and the Holidays

The holidays can truly be the most wonderful time of the year; filled with the warmth of family, friends, cozy get-togethers, and opportunities to catch up with those we rarely have time to visit with during the rest of the year. We all typically want to spend the holiday season surrounded by our loved ones, but what if you have someone in your life living with an addiction? It can be all too easy to consider simply putting off the intervention until after the holidays have come to an end, but the reality is that you may just find that this is the best time for you to stage an intervention. Full Story

Drinking and Driving Rises During the Holidays

With the advent of the holiday season, opportunities to get together with friends and family abound. After-work socials, company parties and friendly gatherings seem to fill the calendar. Unfortunately, highway traffic statistics tell us that during the season of good cheer, the number of people who consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of their car also goes up. Full Story

Don’t Delay Addiction Intervention before the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, many families postpone dealing with addiction because they don’t want to interfere with holiday plans. The rule of thumb with addiction, however, is that as soon as you identify and recognize the problem, it’s time to act. Delaying an addiction intervention until after the holidays is never a good idea.

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