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The Johnson Model of Intervention is named after Vernon Johnson, who believed that a confrontation would almost always be necessary to help an addict seek treatment. In this model a professional interventionist helps family, friends and employers confront the individual in a caring manner. During the intervention, each person expresses their care for the individual and explains how their addiction is affecting them. This is followed by guarantees of support for the positive behavior of entering treatment as well as an explanation of negative consequences if the individual refuses treatment.

Johnson Model of Intervention

"It is a myth that alcoholics have some spontaneous insight and then seek treatment. Victims of this disease do not submit to treatment out of spontaneous insight – typically, in our experience they come to their recognition scenes through a buildup of crises that crash through their almost impenetrable defense systems. They are forced to seek help; and when they don’t, they perish miserably."  – Vernon Johnson, I’ll Quit Tomorrow, 1973

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