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To Endure Burning: The Cult of Celebrity and the Pressures of Recovery in the Public Eye

 “What is to give light must endure burning.” – Victor Frankl

A celebrity heiress is charged with driving while intoxicated and spends time under house arrest. When caught violating the terms of her probation, she is not arrested, but is sent to treatment in the California hills. She isn’t seen for three months. A Fortune 500 CEO pleads no contest to similar charges which are summarily dropped. He takes a 90-day leave of absence from his firm and catches a private flight to Malibu. Shareholders go into cloak-and-dagger mode and begin to watch the market without blinking. A two-time Oscar-nominated actor is walked off the set of his latest top-ranked network series. The director sweeps the contents of his desk onto the trailer floor in one angry stroke. He paces a while, then gathers himself. He calls a three-month break in filming, and sends his lead actor to rehab. Full Story

The Risk of Mental Health Problems Is Often Ignored by Alcohol Abusers

In an effort to curtail the increasing number of youths suffering from alcohol abuse, the Salvation Army has released findings of a study to help raise awareness about the link between alcohol abuse and mental health problems. Full Story

Correlation Between Foreclosures and Poor Mental Health

Economists expect the number of foreclosures to rise by the end of 2011. Already over 2.3 million have fallen into foreclosure since late 2007 when the recession began. According to a recent post on the website Third Age, people who are experiencing foreclosures or have already lost homes have worse mental health than those with fewer mortgage issues, say researchers. Full Story

New Training Program Teaches Intervention Skills to the Public

A mental health emergency can happen to anyone you know or don’t know, and anywhere during your regular daily routine—but are you prepared to handle it? Just like training for life-threatening emergencies involving physical crises, such as CPR classes offered by the fire department, professionals are now offering training courses to the public on how to properly intervene during life-threatening mental health crises.

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