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Research can be defined as the search for knowledge or any systematic investigation to establish facts, such as addiction treatment research and mental health research.

Tracing the Pattern of Drug Use to Drug Dependence

What makes the difference between a casual drink and alcohol dependence? How do you know when someone goes from trying marijuana now and then to having a serious abuse problem? Scientists still do not know how all of the factors involved in substance abuse work together, but a series of studies provides insight into how age plays a factor in going from using a substance to abusing it.

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Brief Intervention Found Effective for Repeat Drunk Drivers

Driving while impaired (DWI) contributes significantly to traffic crashes, and is involved in more than one-third of all fatalities. Many DWI recidivists (drinking drivers who re-offend) do not participate in mandated alcohol-evaluation and intervention programs, or they continue to drink problematically after their licenses have been re-issued.

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Examining the Link between Video Game Addiction and ADD

A new study out of Iowa State University found that people who play video games for 40-plus hours a week have a harder time focusing on certain tasks than those who play just a few hours a week. Published in the latest issue of the journal Psychophysiology, the study also supports previous research that found a positive correlation between video game addiction and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

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New Research Examines Effects of Amphetamines on Gene Expression

Doctors, scientists and researchers have been trying for decades to understand addiction. In gaining a better understanding, they could more easily develop more effective treatments and even successful approaches to prevention. A different type of study has been completed and Science Daily has the latest report.

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