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Alcoholism Among Older Adults: A Growing but Overlooked Problem

Alcoholism Among Older Adults A Growing but Overlooked ProblemAddiction is generally considered to be a problem that impacts younger people more than any other population demographic. We may be aware that it’s an “equal opportunity” issue, impacting the young, old, rich and poor alike, but when asked to picture an addict we inherently jump to the youthful heroin abuser before we think of the older woman downing a bottle of wine. However, substance abuse among seniors is on the rise, and the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence considers addiction among those 60 and over to be one of the fastest-growing health problems in the country. The main substances of concern are alcohol and prescription medicines, but the core problem actually lies in how society treats the issue.

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New Study Reveals Drug Abuse Among Baby Boomers

The current aging generation of baby boomers should be at almost one in every five North Carolinians by the year 2030. There is growing concern about this generation of people using combinations of alcohol and drugs in increasing amounts. The effects of this combination are still being studied but experience and science already shows the combination can be deadly. Full Story

Drug or Alcohol Intervention for Your Elderly Loved Ones

When it comes to our parents or older adults in our family, we often have blinders on. On the one hand, we tend to think of our parents as having their act together. After all, they raised us and have years of accumulated wisdom. But we may also be preoccupied with our own lives and unable to recognize signs of drug or alcohol abuse that may be going on with them. Full Story