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Young People With Low Responses To Risky Situations More Likely To Drink

Young people who drink more than average amounts tend to be risk-takers. Now a new study from Yale University finds that their brains respond differently to risky situations, which may in turn predispose them to drinking more alcohol. Full Story

Interventions Help Shape Students’ Decisions About Drinking

Students entering college are facing many decisions about the lifestyle they will have during college. Many students transition to new habits relating to food, exercise and social activities. For some, the first weeks will introduce new opportunities to consume alcohol that will shape the patterns of drinking for their college career. Full Story

Marijuana the Teen Drug of Choice Overtaking Alcohol – What Parents Can Do

Teen alcohol use is declining while marijuana use is on the rise. Read Part One on Marijuana the Teen Drug of Choice Overtaking Alcohol.

Faced with the alarming increase in marijuana use by teens, it might seem that there’s not a lot that parents can do to reverse the trend. The fact is, however, that there is a lot that parents can do to help their teens come to grips with the reality of just how dangerous marijuana use is as well as discuss the dangers of alcohol and other types of drug use. Full Story

Substance Abuse Among Teens

Substance abuse during the teenage years is especially dangerous. Not only are there immediate dangers, risk of injury and poor decisions, but there are ongoing problems. Many individuals who begin using drugs or alcohol during adolescence continue using the substances into adulthood. This results in the body being exposed to the substance longer, with an increased risk of certain cancers and liver disease with alcohol use and various problems with drug exposure. Full Story